china factory Worm Gear Reduction Stepper Motor NEMA34 High Torque 1800oz. in manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Worm Geared Stepper CZPT Nema34 For Packing CZPT

General Specification:

Item Technical specs
Step CZPT le one.8°
Temperature Rise 80ºCmax
Ambient Temperature -20ºC~+50ºC
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ Min. ,500VDC
Dielectric CZPT 820VAC for 1minute 
Shaft Radial Perform .02Max. (450g-load)
Shaft Axial Enjoy .08Max. (450g-load)
Max. radial force 220N (20mm from the flange)
Max. axial power 60N

Worm Gear Ratio:RV40 – 5, 7.5, ten, 15, twenty, twenty five, thirty, forty, 50, sixty, 80, one hundred

Electrical Specification:  

Model No. Stage CZPT le Motor Duration Recent
Holding Torque # of CZPT s Detent Torque Rotor Inertia Mass
  ( °) (L)mm A Ω mH N.m No. Kg
JK86HS68-5904 1.eight 67 five.nine .28 3.4 four .8 one thousand
JK86HS68-2808 1.eight sixty seven 2.8 1.4 three.nine 3.four eight .8 1000 1.7
JK86HS78-5504 1.8 78 5.5 .46 4. 4.six four 1.2 1400 two.three
JK86HS78-4208 1.8 78 4.two .75 three.4 4.6 8 1.two 1400 2.3
JK86HS97-4504 one.eight 97 four.five .66 3. five.8 4 2100 3.
JK86HS97-4008 1.8 97 4. .ninety eight 4.7 eight 2100 three.
JK86HS100-6004 1.8 100 6. .36 two.eight seven. 4 1.nine 2200
JK86HS115-6004 one.8 one hundred fifteen 6. .6 6.5 eight.7 four 2.4 2700 three.eight
JK86HS115-4208 one.eight a hundred and fifteen four.two .nine 6. 8.7 8 two.4 2700 three.eight
JK86HS126-6004 one.eight 126 six. .58 6.5 six.3 4 2.9 3200 four.five
JK86HS155-6004 1.eight a hundred and fifty five 6. .sixty eight nine. thirteen. four 3.6 4000 five.four
JK86HS155-4208 1.eight 155 four.two 1.twenty five 8. twelve.two eight 3.six 4000 five.4

Products of special request can be manufactured in accordance to the CZPT er ask for !

Firm info:


Our Business provides 3 key series of goods:Hybrid Stepper motors, Brushless Dc motor and Dc Brush motor.
We are often proceeds develop new kind types.If you require other kinds of components, remember to will not hesitate to make contact with us.

Gearboxes and reducers are enclosed mechanical reduction gadgets commonly utilized in modern automatic control methods to command torque from your motors and attain other motion-connected jobs. A gearbox allows you to increase torque whilst reducing the pace of your prime mover output shaft. The output shaft of the gearbox rotates at a slower velocity than the input shaft. This results in a mechanical gain, increasing torque. Conversely, your gearbox can be established in reverse, offering elevated shaft speed and diminished torque. Two frequent transmission configurations are straight and appropriate angle. Online designs typically consist of helical or spur gears, planetary gears, cycloidal mechanisms, or harmonic turbines. Appropriate-angle types typically use worm or helical gear drives, nonetheless, hybrid drives are also obtainable. Gearmotors blend an enclosed gear established with an electric powered motor to boost torque and functionality whilst reducing velocity. Even though further friction, inertia, or sharp load adjustments for brief-term operation of the actuator can lead to issues, they offer a prolonged running lifestyle by stopping overloading. Numerous gear ratios, speeds and torques are available to support optimize overall performance and minimize possible problems. Browse to discover the right gearbox and reducer for your automation venture.
china  factory Worm Gear Reduction Stepper Motor NEMA34 High Torque 1800oz. in manufacturers