D5w5s-Sh Adjustable Medical Electric 3 Functions Clinic Bed

D5w5s-Sh Adjustable Medical Electric 3 Functions Clinic Bed

D5w5S-SH Adjustable Health-related CZPT 3 Functions Clinic Bed

CZPTant Quality Control
* L-shaped foldable guardrail(patent),bended tube, solid installing, shaking, anti-pinch, protect patient’s safety
* American motor, with UL/ROHS/EN common. Sounds under 50dB, with life span twenty,000times movement.
* Baosteel from CZPT CZPT 500
* 11 Process epoxy portray, ASTM tests anti-baterial, paint thickness .12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg influence
* Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C, tensile upto 30MPa
* Virgin Stomach muscles substance
* Panasonic Robotic ensure, 360° total easy welding
* Strong mattress base made of three.0mm stamped rotating plate

Equipment Details
* TPR tire no worn out soon after running 30KM, preserve anti-winding tough shell, united forming CZPT bolts
* Move Dynamic take a look at: CZPT 120kg operate 30KM and move road blocks 500time
* Stamping forming system, clean floor no welding scar, bearing 250KG load. Option Abdominal muscles system and resin X-ray translucent system
* Entire SS IV pole, bearing 15kg
* CZPT drainage hook, movable
* Lifting pole – CZPT 765N drive
* Footwear holder: 800*400mm, adjustable
* Oxygen cylinder rack – adjustable for anysize tank
* Blocking


External L*W*H 2230*1015*(400-735)mm
Mattress System 1925*900mm
Safe Functioning Load 250kg
Again-relaxation Adjustment -75°(±10°)
Knee-rest Adjustment -35°(±10°)


CZPT Motor 1pc
CZPT Drive Press Rod Motor 1pc
5″ Covered Castors 4pcs
Foldable Facet Rail 1set
Stomach muscles Grace Bed Ends with Secure Lock 1set
IV Pole 1set
IV Pole Prevision 4pcs
Drainage Hook 2pcs


Voltage one hundred-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Plug as essential (clinic quality)


D5w5s-Sh Adjustable Medical Electric 3 Functions Clinic Bed