Golden Motor 5kw Brushless DC Motor, Electric Motorcycle Motor,Electric Car Motor

Golden Motor 5kw Brushless DC Motor, Electric Motorcycle Motor,Electric Car Motor

Cooling/Water Cooling BLDC Motor 48v /72v /96v 20kw for CZPT Scooter,CZPT Motorbike Drive Resolution Kits Drive Your Motorbike up to 100mph 

Convert your gasoline powered motorbike, scooter into electric powered edition simply!

                                         Clean, Silent, Efficient, Light-weight Excess weight, Monstrous Effective, and Inexpensive.


Picture of the one.5KW -10KW BLDC electric bike motor 

20KW BLDC motor 

3KW BLDC motor 

5KW  BLDC motor 

10KW BLDC motor 

15KW BLDC motor 

Design: HPM-20KW — High Power BLDC Motor
1. Voltages: 72V-120Vdc
two. Rated energy: 20-25KW
3. Peak electricity: 50KW
four. Speed: 3200-6000rpm
five. Rated torque: eighty Nm
six. Peak torque: one hundred sixty Nm
7. Effectiveness: >90%
8. Dimensions: 30x30x25cm
nine. Excess weight: 39kg(20KW),27kg(15KW)
ten: Cooling: liquid cooling

Long operating existence (>20,000 hrs)
Reduced sound, substantial torque
Exceptional overall performance traits
Substantial effectiveness (>90%)
Higher trustworthiness
Rated voltage : 48V-120 VDC
Rated electrical power : 3KW
Rated velocity: 2000-6000 rpm
Stepless speed handle, dual-direction  

Merchandise Description
BLDC Motor    (HPM5000BL)            Liquid cooling Voltage:48V/72V/96V/120V
Rated Power:3KW-seven.5KW
Efficeincy: 88%
Speed: 2000-6000rpm (customizable)
Casing: AluSmartum
Size (peak): 126mm
Diameter: 206mm
Shaft: customizable
Features: Compact design and style,Drinking water resistent, Stainless Metal Shaft, Liquid Cooling
Applications: CZPT auto, electrical bike, electric tricycle, electric golfing carts, fork raise, electrical boat, etc.
BLDC Controller           (For 5KW Motor) Kind: HPC300H Sequence(For 5KW Motor)
Voltage Variety:48V/72V/96V
Rated Current (Max):360A/300A/240A
Functions: Programmable by way of USB port, Fuse breaker, Regen Braking, Temperature sensoring
Contactor To shield the controller
CZPT Wiring Harness Product: CA-201 — HPC Controller Wiring Harness
23-pin Water-Resistent Connector
Dynamic Montoring Connector
Software Package Product: PI-four hundred — HPC Controller Programming Kit
Straightforward Installation for Personal computer/laptop with Home windows OS
Effortless USB Port Connection
Setup Parameters CZPT Electrical power-on Controller
Check Motor Functionality Dynamically
Foot Throttle Model: FSC-571 — Foot Throttle
Output Voltage: -5V
Content: casted aluSmartum
Functions: Drinking water resistent
Other Gear bridge and battery is optional

Application of CZPT bike  Conversion Model


Golden Motor 5kw Brushless DC Motor, Electric Motorcycle Motor,Electric Car Motor