BOD Series Engine Oil Distillation Plant, Black Motor Oil Recycling System Engine Oil Purifier

BOD Series Engine Oil Distillation Plant, Black Motor Oil Recycling System Engine Oil Purifier

BOD collection Motor Oil Distillation Plant, Black Motor Oil Recycling Program/engine oil purifier

Why select this equipment?

1.suited to all kinds of used lube oil

two. substantial effectiveness( the ability is 4000Liters for each day )

3.distill black motor oil to yellow foundation oil 

four.high recovery price( far more than 85%)

five. evironmental( no hazardous gas, no dangerous water exhausted,

six. 1~2 folks with no special expertise are adequate to management the plant

seven. Large diploma of automation.


What BOD can do for you?

Why BOD oil refinery distillation machine( BOD used oil vacuum distillation plant ) is essential?

Used oil need to not be thrown away, whilst it will get filthy. Utilized oil includes contaminants, but it can be recycled with some engineering. In this way, we can not only shield our environment, but also we  save some normal source. So there are many people about the planet recycling utilized oil, having actions to do that is meaningful. 


Waste oil contains way too a lot contamination, which includes non-hydrocarbon, alkene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, metallic hydronium, impurities, steel particles, asphaltene and colloid and so forth.  The conventional technology only can refine the wasted oil to foundation oil, which can’t be employed immediately. Thankfully, our business made wonderful efforts to discover new engineering in vacuum distillation plant, which can distill all types of squander oil into CZPT oil with high recovery charge. This plant is simpler to function at lower price. 


The function of waste oil vacuum distillation plant is to re-refine industrial squander oil(such as products lubricants, metal-doing work oil and procedure oil) and employed automotive lubricants( this kind of as motor oil, hydraulic oil and equipment oil), then reuse it.


Distillation is the physical separation of components of lubricating oil by boiling range. Depending on the type of distillation, the boiling ranges can create gases and gasolines at the lower boiling factors with weighty lubricating oils becoming distilled at larger boiling details. Distillation is the main process for a facility able of making re-refined base-oils to virgin foundation-oil top quality.


Waste Oil Distillation & Converting Programcan make the base oil, diesel & gasoline from black filthy motor oil, waste lube oil,

crude oil, waste plastic oil, and waste rubber oil soon after by means of catalytic distillation. 


one.  Easy to work, one ~ two employees can very easily run the equipment.

2.  Environmentally welcoming in the entire operation, no smoke, no odor, CZPT secondary air pollution, the whole process is all sealed, won’t release any gas harmful to human and environment,

three.  Series BOD Program can recycle & distill various dirty black oils like waste motor oil, lube oil, gasoline oil, diesel oil, rubber

oil, plastic oil, and other lubricant oil, and change them to diesel oil and gasoline oil.

four.  Substantial quality and amount of refined oil acquired by means of output, no any discoloration triggered by oxidation, no any poor smelling/ odor. 

five.  Low procedure price only contains followings: 
1) catalyst chemical, cost less than USD 30 to refine 1 ton of squander oil. 
2) Warmth power use: 105 kcal per ton of waste oil 
three) Electrical power use: 40 KW to recycle 1 ton of squander oil 

6.  With High degree of automation in the complete procedure, innovative designing and fabrication technologies.

seven.  Adopt the water circulation technique on atmospheric and vacuum distillation device, extremely risk-free. And right after decompression on the total

program, refined oil’s generation amount and quality are improved clearly.

eight. The whole approach is executed CZPT acid and clay which are forbidden in a lot of nations presently.

9. High efficient heating technique: many heating resources can be utilised such as natural fuel, furnace oil, coal, and so on

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BOD Series Engine Oil Distillation Plant, Black Motor Oil Recycling System Engine Oil Purifier