Comprehensive Armature Tester Vacuum Cleaner Motor Power Tool Motor Rotor Testing Machine

Comprehensive Armature Tester Vacuum Cleaner Motor Power Tool Motor Rotor Testing Machine

armature screening machine specially layout for
wound armature which is with commutator pressed.

Its Liquid crystal display present all specialized data which acquired by industrial personal computer, which verify and validate of screening armature.

1. All the armature test this kind of as electrical strength (hello-pot), insulation resistance, DC resistance, welding resistance   and in between turns of electrical performance test are carried out automatically at a single time quickly.
two. Every check items could be on or off randomly. Acceptance standard also could be established up randomly. The    machine will give acousto-optic alarm for reject armature.
three. Determine the malfunction these kinds of as between bars brief circuit, line cut, resistance price over limit and give    fault point data.
four. Set armature in the optional place, recognize winding specialized of single fly, double fly and so forth and accuracy   sorting instantly, automobile monitor the relating to bar resistance distinction, it give alarm when the coil    C.W/CCW hanger course is wrong.
five. 1/2 station can be decided on (regular design is two stations, only for significantly large armature, we will design and style one station) with high practicability and tests efficiency.
six. CZPTer can do it by programming instantly as per testing necessity.
7. The software program give next produce interface, link the technique knowledge foundation easily by way of internet to read- publish the information.
eight. The computer software can do far-stop manage, and merge the tests system into your company internet to realize the all-in-one.
nine. It can conserve, edit, call varieties design armature and check information specification automatically. The quantity is   unlimited.


one. Hi-pot   2. Insulation resistance test three. Chilly resistance take a look at four. Welding resistance take a look at. five. Surge test
(one) Testing voltage selection: AC100~2800V (one) Tests voltage: DC500V
(one) Testing variety:
(a) .001~.999(resolution ratio .100u Ω
(b) 1.000~9.999(resolution ratio .571m Ω )
(one) Screening variety:.001~.999(resolution ratio .571m Ω ) (1) Screening voltage assortment: 100V~2800V


(2) Voltage adjusting method(-M: Guide adjust -A: Auto adjust)
a. Manual alter: handbook no-stage modify
b. Vehicle change: input testing voltage to the application, hence equipment do automatic loading to the placing benefit by way of the check.
(2) Tests variety: ten~500MΩ
(two) Precision: ±  five.%auto temperature compensate, could be calculated to resistance worth at 20ºC.
(two) Precision: ±  5.%car temperature compensate, could be calculated to resistance price at twenty ºC. (two) Voltage precision:±3.%
(3) Voltage precision: ±3% (3) Intergraded precision:±  5.%
(three) Tests way: in between armature stamping and stamping. (3) Testing way: use sis ends approach, screening the resistance benefit of commutator segment and winding welding position. (three) Voltage changing method(-M: handbook adjust, -A: car change).
(a) Manual adjusts: Guide no-stage change
(b) Auto change: enter screening voltage to the application, thus machine do computerized loading to the setting    value through the examination.
(4) Capacity: 500VA (four) Voltage load manner: amongst winding and iron core (4) Alright/Reject verifies way: System reads the tests benefit of winding and verifies ok/reject by comparison of   upper and low reference benefit. The software program will give acousto-optic alarm appropriately when it truly is rejecting. (4) Alright/Reject verifies way: System reads the resistance testing benefit of welding and verifies alright/reject by     comparison of upper and reduced reference value. The software program will give acousto-optic alarm accordingly   when it’s rejecting. (four) Pulse rising time: 1.2μS
(5) Leakage present placing 5 measures(.5/1/two/five/10mA), precision: ±10% (five) Alright/Reject validate way: guide placing the low limit of insulation resistance, when the goods of its insulation resistance worth reduced than environment price is taken as reject. The software program will give acousto-optic alarm appropriately. (five) The software program research out the bare minimum worth of tests resistance routinely, car rank ordering and resistance self-finding out purpose.   (5) Validate way: s/sf/f
(six) Voltage load manner: Between winding and iron core.       (6) Voltage load mode: respectively test every winding.
(7) Okay/Reject verifies way: goods of its leakage existing value larger than environment price is taken as reject. The software will give acousto-optic alarm accordingly.       (7) Ok/Reject verifies way: Software reads the regular benefit of wave among turns, examine the testing    wave to standard wave. The software offers acousto-optic alarm if beyond setting value.

For outer rotor, it requires inside analog rotor fixture, 

For casted rotor, it takes inside of analog rotor fixture also. 

Part of Armature production line: 

Insulation paper inserting machine WD-one-SPI, armature winding device WD-1-Noticed, WD-one-TAW, WD-1-WAW,WD-2B-TAW, place welding equipment WD-DH-1, WD-DH-two, WD-DH-3, commutator turning machine WD-1-WJC, WD-2-WJC, WD-two-WJC, armature testing machine 


Comprehensive Armature Tester Vacuum Cleaner Motor Power Tool Motor Rotor Testing Machine