Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Tensile Tension Testing Test Instrument Tester Equipment Machine

Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Tensile Tension Testing  Test  Instrument Tester Equipment Machine

one. CZPT principal scope of tests equipment

Digital universal substance screening device, Horizontal pressure tests machine, CZPT common tests machine, MFI, Charpy Influence, Izod Affect, HDT-Vicat tester, Hardness tester, Torsion tester, Metallographic collection, Oven and so on. (We accept customization.)

two. Merchandise

QT-65710D Electro-hydraulic servo common materials testing device can play electro-hydraulic servo automated manage, automatic measurement, info acquisition, exhibit and processing of the experiment outcome into an function. With housing underneath the problems of the oil cylinder host as the system, configuration precision pump and electro-hydraulic servo valve, servo controller and Personal computer to understand the multichannel closed loop manage can comprehensive take a look at process of computerized manage, automatic measurement functions. It has good expert, the characteristics of substantial dependability, easy improve and other functions. And with the development of the tester measurement and control engineering and check common modifying consistently enrich the consummation

three. Attributes of manage and info processing program

one.Host: It is outfitted with cylinder – mounted host body. The framework drastically reduces the height of host. And it has convenient transportation, set up,secure efficiency and trustworthiness. The test mattress is drive by motor, chain and direct screw, which realizes the adjustment of tension space and the take a look at operation is handy.
2.Take a look at and management technique:merge with electro-hydraulic servo oil resource,total digital Computer servo controller, electro-hydraulic servo valus, pressure sensor, extensometer for measuring specimen deformation, photoelectric enconder for measuring displacement, Pc measurement and handle card for screening machine, printer, multi-function check software program deal, electrical management device and other parts.
three.CZPT electro-hydraulic servo oil source:
1)It is designed, made and made in accordance with common modular unit with mature engineering for load adaptive oil inlet throttle velocity regulation technique, specially utilized for electro-hydraulic servo common testing equipment.
2)It is selected by mature technological oil pump – motor, and has reliable quality, stable overall performance.
3)The load adaptive throttle velocity regulating valve designed and made by ourselves with distinctive technological innovation, the technique strain is stable, adaptive continual stress big difference movement regulation, no overflow strength intake, straightforward to have out PID shut-loop manage.
4)Pipe method: Pipelines, joints and seals are produced of teams with stable efficiency to make sure reputable sealing of hydraulic system and no oil leakage failure.
four.CZPTal manage cabinet:
one)All the sturdy current components of the technique are concentrated in the sturdy recent handle cupboard, which can efficiently independent the powerful recent unit from the weak existing unit of measurement and handle, so as to make sure the measurement and control system from interference and long-term stable work.
two)Manual operation button is established on the electric powered control cupboard, like power change, crisis end and start and cease of oil supply oil pump, etc..
five.Total digital Computer servo manage system
1)With Personal computer pc as the major element, the system is totally digital PID regulation, geared up with Laptop clamping servo amplifier, measurement and control application and information acquisition and processing application, which can realize the shut-loop control of take a look at force, sample deformation, piston displacement and clean switching of management mode.
two)The method is composed of 3 sign conditioning units (check pressure unit, cylinder piston displacement device, specimen deformation unit), control signal generator unit, servo valve push unit, servo oil supply handle unit, essential I/O interface, software method and so on.
3)The closed-loop manage loop of the program: the measurement sensor (force sensor, displacement sensor, deformation extensometer), servo valve, controller (each signal conditioning device) and servo amplifier jointly sort several closed-loop handle loops to recognize the closed-loop handle functions of the screening pressure of the screening device, the displacement of the cylinder piston, and the deformation of the sample. It has numerous management modes, this sort of as equal fee check force, equivalent rate oil cylinder displacement, equivalent charge strain, and so forth., and can comprehend easy switching of control manner, so that the program has greater adaptability.
six.Computer – board servo amplifier for tester
one)It is a pluggable Pc card board, which is specifically made for screening device with superior laptop bus handle technological innovation, which includes system-controlled analog amplifier, A/D conversion, digital knowledge acquisition channel, electronic knowledge I/O, etc
two)The unique measurement and handle card and Personal computer unit into a single card measurement and control technique, can be right linked with the sensor, measurement and management and knowledge acquisition, and make the sophisticated measurement and control and data acquisition technique grow to be basic and reputable
three)Employing laptop bus technologies, right into the computer growth slot, full digital circuit, zero adjustment, gain adjustment and so on are recognized by computer software. It is the most recent item device of screening and control technologies growth of tests machine
four)Gain programmable cascade amplifier can get distinct obtain magnification
5)The bridge power offer of the sensor shares the identical voltage with the reference voltage of A/D chip, and the complete measurement system attenuates calendar year-on-12 months, acknowledging the hardware compensation technologies of the bridge electrical power supply
six)The multi-little bit A/D conversion satisfies the sensitivity and resolution needs of the system, and avoids the software frequency doubling method decreasing the traits of the program
seven.Multifunctional examination software package
1)Running program Windows98/XP/2000 platform, Chinese operation interface
2)The computer monitor shows the test drive, cylinder displacement, loading price and deformation test info, and draws numerous check curves this kind of as time-check pressure/deformation and deformation-take a look at power. Automated knowledge processing, information processing strategies satisfy the needs of gb228-2002 common, these kinds of as upper and lower produce details, optimum power details, all kinds of specified non-proportional anxiety points, all types of specified full elongation anxiety factors, etc. At the very same time fulfill the stress examination requirements of the testing machine
3)Software can at the same time provides data evaluation operate to satisfy the info processing of examination personnel for check examination and specific take a look at
4)It has powerful graphics procedure functions, this sort of as dynamic test curve and digital screen perform, graphics amplification and interception purpose, cursor pursuing and screen function, etc
five)VXDs large-pace data acquisition engineering is adopted to understand multi-channel (up to 16 channels) substantial-speed information acquisition
6)The system has a total file operation operate for the storage of take a look at curve and take a look at data. In the meantime, experimental info can be saved in ASCII code sort, so as to aid consumers to conduct secondary data processing
seven)With solitary take a look at report output and batch check report output printing operate
8.Handle program with overload, oversetting, electrical power failure, piston achieve the limit placement and other protection functions
nine.CZPT clamping oil supply: impartial low noise hydraulic clamping oil supply, control the clamping and loosening of the chuck.

4. Specifications 

Variety Device QT-6030D QT-6060D QT-65710D
Load capability KN 300 600 100
Tester amount   1 one one
Precision amount % 1 one 1
Measurement variety   2%-a hundred%FS 2%-a hundred%FS two%-a hundred%FS
Optimum power space mm 520 520 620
Highest compression space mm 420 420 520
Length among column mm 460 460 510
Sensors   oil strain sensor, photoelectric sensor oil pressure sensor, photoelectric sensor, extensometer oil stress sensor, photoelectric sensor, extensometer
Control manner   electro-hydraulic servo shut-loop management, handle method can be switched efficiently
Optimum spacing of curved assistance mm 400 400 500
Host dimension mm 730*570*1845 730×570×1900 850×665×2340
Management cupboard measurement mm 1571*650*870 1571*650*870 1571*650*870
Console weight kg 2000 2000 3000
Oil pump motor power KW two.two 2.2 2.two
Beam moves motor energy KW .37 .37 .fifty five

five. Configuration

NO. Name Manufacturer Unit
1 Host tester HangCZPT CZPT one set
2 Oil cylinder HangCZPT CZPT one established
3 CZPTal handle box HangCZPT CZPT 1 established
four Electro-hydraulic servo full digital Pc controller HangCZPT CZPT one established
5 Entire digital servo management computer software HangCZPT CZPT one set
six Controller electrical automation management element ZHangCZPTg Chint one established
seven Pc Lenvov one set
eight Printer HP 1 established
9 Electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve Argo-toss 1 set
10 Oil pump Marzocchi one established
eleven Motor ZheJiang S.Y. 1 set
twelve CZPT management valve CZPT one established
thirteen solenoid valve Yuken one set
fourteen Sensor Xihu (West Lake) Dis.  
15 Fixture HangCZPT CZPT one set
sixteen high quality ensure HangCZPT CZPT 1piece
seventeen Operating handbook HangCZPT CZPT 1piece
eighteen Factory test report HangCZPT CZPT 1piece

Q:Are you a trade firm or manufacturing unit?

A:Our business is a manufacturing unit and right sales.
Q:Can your firm take customization?
A:Yes. Our machines can be CZPT by shopper.
Q:How to promise your right after-product sales service?
A:Our philosophy is a single year warranty and lifetime support. After the warranty time period is exceeded, if there is any issue, we will give assistance for you in time. (only charge vacation expense and components value at most.)
Q:What is the language about software program?
A:It can change amongst Chinese and English.
Q:Might the consumer not use your firm’s laptop?
A:Certain. But please explain to us what type your pc is. We need to have to affirm your laptop can install the application. And we can subtract the value of computer from provide.
Q:Can the equipment be upgrade?
A:Yes, it can.
Q:Can the equipment set up a protective door?How much?
A:Indeed, we can. About 368$(regular product with a single protecting doorway).

Computer Control Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Tensile Tension Testing  Test  Instrument Tester Equipment Machine