Standard Hysteresis Brakes for Coil Winding Machinery

Standard Hysteresis Brakes for Coil Winding Machinery

 Hysteresis Brakes for Coil Winding CZPT&lparMagnetic brake&rpar

    CZPT Hysteresis Brakes generate torque strictly by means of a magnetic air hole CZPT the use of magnetic particles or friction elements&period This approach of braking provides much excellent working attributes &lparsmoother torque&comma lengthier daily life&comma superior repeatability&comma large degree of controllability&comma and considerably less upkeep and down time&rpar which make them the favored option for specific stress handle throughout the processing of almost any content&comma internet or strand&interval

Structural Characteristics&colon
The hysteresis impact in magnetism is applied to torque handle by the use of two fundamental componentsa reticulated pole framework and a specialty steel rotor&solshaft assemblyfastened collectively but not in actual physical contact&time period Until the subject coil is energized&comma the drag cup and shaft can spin freely on its bearings&time period When a magnetizing pressure from both a discipline coil or magnet is used to the pole framework&comma the air hole becomes a flux area&interval The rotor is magnetically restrained&comma providing a braking motion among the pole structure and rotor&period 


1&periodHARTAI Hysteresis Brakes provide specific control of wire tension during wind&comma hook and minimize functions of substantial speed automated winding devices&time period
two&periodTransformer and coil winding functions employing Hysteresis Brakes in open up loop manage for preserving exact rigidity throughout winding approach&period
three&periodPrecision gap control using Hysteresis Brake and photo sensor&period
4&periodUnwind tension manage by means of follower arm with potentiometer&comma Hysteresis Brake and controller&interval
five&periodHARTAI Hysteresis Brakes offer frictionless&comma non-breakaway force for tensioning resources throughout slitting and a lot of other substance processing functions&period of time
6&periodHARTAI Hysteresis Brake is employed in precision computerized diagnostic gear&comma as properly as in normal physical exercise equipment&period
seven&periodHARTAI Hysteresis Brakes are broadly used in load simulation apps for lifestyle screening on electric motors&comma actuators&comma small fuel engines&comma gearboxes&comma and several other rotating products and assemblies&period of time The ability of hysteresis gadgets to withstand higher temperatures for prolonged intervals of procedure CZPT suffering any degradation to their magnetic constructions tends to make them excellent for these purposes&comma as nicely as environmental tests&comma and even programs in outer area&interval
eight&periodTheir capacity to create torque independent of speed makes Hysteresis Brakes the preferred technique of braking used in many dynamometers employed for efficiency testing of motors&comma actuators&comma gas engines&comma and so forth&time period
nine&periodHARTAI Hysteresis Brake used for holding of backdriving load&commaapplying pre-masses for avoiding backlash&comma backdriving loads&comma and in restricting torque to prevent harm to sensitive assemblies&period


Model  Rated Torque  Rated Current  V DC Coil Resistance  Kinetic Energy Ratings  Exterior Maximum Speed Weight 
(  (mA) (Volt) 25ºC  ten% (Watts)  Inertia  (RPM) (Kg)
(Ohms) Intermittent  Continuous (Kg. cm²)
HB-three hundred .03 126 24 a hundred ninety 8 two 3.three X 10^neg4 20000 .12
HB-one zero one .1 a hundred and sixty one hundred fifty twenty 5 nine.2 X 10^neg4 .14
HB-201 .two a hundred and sixty 150 twenty five 6 one.five X ten^neg3 .15
HB-501 .5 192 125 30 8 6.8 X ten^neg3 .21
HB-102 one 192 one hundred twenty five 55 15 four.6X ten^neg2 .39
HB-202 two 200 a hundred and twenty 90 24 six.8 X ten^neg2 15000 .fifty one
HB-502 5 250 96 150 38 1.8 X 10^neg1 1.35
HB-103 10 250 96 350 80 X 10º 1.9
HB-203 20 three hundred 80 460 a hundred and fifteen three.two X 10º ten thousand three.5
HB-303 thirty four hundred sixty 680 165 7.three X 10º five.2
HB-603 60 800 thirty 1360 330 1.four X 10¹ 10.four

Standard Hysteresis Brakes for Coil Winding Machinery