Yl Motor IEC for Washing Machine with Aluminum-Bar Rotor

Yl Motor IEC for Washing Machine with Aluminum-Bar Rotor

   CZPT Introdution&colon

    1&periodYL series single period twin-capacitor asynchronous motors is created and made in accoring with nationwide standard&comma freshly developed by our firm with low noise&commacompact design&commalight fat&commaeasy servicing and many others&interval These motors are widely utilized on air compressor&comma pumps&comma followers&comma refrigerator&comma nedical instruments&comma little size devices and many others&comma specially for situation in which only solitary-period electrical power supply is CZPT&period

   2&period of time Procedure Conditions&colon Ambient temperature&colon -fifteen °C -forty °C &period   Altitude should be larger than 1000metres previously mentioned sea amount&periodRated valtage&colon &in addition-5&percnt&period of time

Detailed Requirements&colon


Model No&period of time Rated Power





EFF&time period&lpar&percnt&rpar

Power Factor


220V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 3000r&solmin &lpar2Pole&rpar
YL711-two &period37 &period5 two&period73 2750 67 &period92 1&period8 16 one&period8
YL712-2 &period55 &period75 3&period88 2750 70 &period92 one&period8 21 one&period8
YL801-2 &period75 one 4&period79 2800 seventy five &period95 1&period8 29 one&period8
YL802-two one&period1 one&period5 six&period93 2820 seventy six &period95 1&period8 40 one&period8
YL90S-2 one&period5 two 9&period44 2820 76 &period95 one&period8 55 1&period8
YL90L-two 2&period2 3 13&period7 2830 seventy seven &period95 1&period8 80 one&period8
YL711-4 &period25 &period33 two 1360 sixty two &period92 1&period8 12 1&period8
YL712-four &period37 &period5 2&period8 1380 sixty five &period92 one&period8 sixteen 1&period8
220V 50Hz Synchronous Speed 1500r&solmin &lpar4Pole&rpar
YL801-4 &period55 &period75 3&period88 1400 70 &period92 one&period8 21 one&period6
YL802-four &period75 1 5&period1 1400 seventy three &period92 1&period8 29 one&period6
YL90S-four 1&period1 1&period5 7 1400 seventy five &period95 1&period8 40 one&period6
YL90L-4 1&period5 two nine&period44 1410 seventy six &period95 one&period8 55 one&period6
YL100L1-four 2&period2 three 13&period7 1420 seventy seven &period95 1&period8 80 1&period8
YL100L2-4 three four eighteen&period4 1430 78 &period95 one&period8 110 one&period8
YL112M1-4 three 4 eighteen&period4 1430 seventy eight &period95 one&period8 a hundred and ten 1&period8
YL112M2-4 three&period7 five 22&period2 1450 80 &period95 one&period8 138 1&period8
YL132S1-4 3 four 18&period4 1450 seventy eight &period95 1&period8 110 one&period8
YL132S2-four 3&period7 5 22&period2 1450 80 &period95 1&period8 138 one&period8
YL132M-four five seven&period5 32&period5 1450 eighty one &period95 1&period7 227 one&period8


Q&colon Do you offer you OEM provider&quest

A&colon Indeed

Q&colon What is your payment phrase&quest

A&colon thirty&percnt T&solT as deposit in progress&comma 70&percnt equilibrium receipt of the duplicate of B&solL or before shipment&interval

Q&colon What is your direct time&quest

A&colon About 25 times right after receipt the deposit or first irrevocable L&solC&interval

Q&colon What certifiicate do you have&quest

A&colon We have CE&comma ISO&period of time And we can apply for distinct certification for various region such as COI for Iran&comma SASO for Saudi Arabia&comma and so forth&period of time

Our Production&colon 


Our Packing and Loading&colon  




Yl Motor IEC for Washing Machine with Aluminum-Bar Rotor